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The Eye

Text: Matthew 6:22-23

all seeing eyeProp: none

Summary: How we see the world affects how we act to others.

We see with our eyes. How we act depends on how we see things. If we see the world as a friendly place that provides all we need, we are generous and share. If we see the world as unfriendly and there isn’t enough to meet our needs, we are greedy and unwilling to share. Each one of us decides how we see things. Is it possible for two people to see the same thing, yet act differently? Yes. Here is an example:

At snack time, Joe and Bill see a plate with one banana on it. Joe knows the banana can be peeled and broken in half. He thinks that half a banana is plenty, so he is willing to share. Bill doesn’t think there is enough for both of them. He is greedy and wants the whole banana for himself.

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Jesus says how we look at things determines whether we will be a healthy person, who has a generous heart that is willing to share, or whether we will be an unhealthy person, who is stingy, fearful, and unwilling to share. He says our eye is like a window into our body. If we open our eyelids wide in wonder and in belief, we will see things clearly. We will see the beauty in each moment and allow the light of God’s love inside. If we close our eyes, or squint them in distrust and unbelief, we will live a life that is dark and dreary, missing out on the love he wants us to have.

Let us pray: Dear Lord Jesus, open our eyes that we may be filled with your light and love, and act to share that love with others. Amen.

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