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Sermons for the Season of Epiphany

Happy New Year 2015. As we enter the season of Epiphany, we learn how God created everything In the Beginning. Then we hear how young Samuel learned to listen to God in Here I Am. Next, on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday the story of the Good Samaritan teaches us to treat all people as our neighbors in Samaritan Neighbor. All the children will love the story of Jonah and how God loves people of all lands in Jonah and the Great Fish.

In February we start with Take Out the Trash and learn how Jesus removed unclean spirits from people. It is also a great time to talk about the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. No, not the football game. The story of Elisha and the widow shows how God provides for our needs abundantly. Next, the apostle Paul becomes A Slave to All so that he might win some people to Christ. Then near Valentine’s Day we can share the Love Letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthians to teach them what real love is all about. Then on Transfiguration Sunday we can read how Jesus revealed his glory to the three of his disciples in Power Ranger. As we transition into the season of Lent, we begin on Ash Wednesday with Treasure in Heaven. It explains the difference between treasures that will last and treasures that are temporary.

Sermons for the Season of Christmas

As we move toward the beginning of a new year, we have children sermons for the Season of Christmas. In Soul-ed Out for Jesus, John the Baptist was completely committed to preparing the way for Jesus. He pointed others to Jesus. Next, we learn of Mary, Mother of Jesus who found favor with God and was chosen to bring the new-born savior into the world. Next, we learn about grace as The Gift of God. God’s gift of grace is for us to receive. We cannot earn our way to heaven; we must trust Jesus to save us.

Christmas Day has the story of A Child is Born. The lowly shepherds heard the birth announcement of Jesus first. The Shepherd of the world was born in a lowly stable and is an example for us to be humble. The good news is for all people. Months later, the wise men from the east came to worship and bring gifts to God’s anointed King, as foretold in the scriptures — to be born in Bethlehem. To this day, Wise Men Worship Jesus. On the Sunday following Christmas, we read of a Special Delivery, the story of the incarnation. God delivered his own Son, the baby Jesus, at just the right time.

For New Year’s Day, we can read how the prophet Nehemiah read scriptures to God’s people on the first day of the year near Jerusalem’s Water Gate. We get an inner joy and strength from understanding and following God’s word. And on the first Sunday of the new year, in Adopted, we hear how God adopts us as his children. He gives the Holy Spirit to those who believe in Jesus.

Sermons Leading up to Thanksgiving

For the Sunday before All Saint’s Day the children’s sermon No Ghost shares proof of the resurrection. Invisible Sponge tells the story of how God held back the water in the Jordan River to make a dry path for the Israelites to pass over into Canaan, the Promised Land.

In Ticket to Ride learn about when Jesus returns believers will meet Him in the air. In The Lion and Lamb we can play peacefully now without using violent toys.When Jesus returns to earth the world will be peaceful. Even animals that were enemies will live together.

In Coming in Clouds we discover that the Lord Jesus will return in the clouds of heaven. He will be crowned King of the world and his kingdom will last forever.  For Thanksgiving, the origins of the holiday are in Tabernacles. The feast of tabernacles was the first Thanksgiving celebration. We can be thankful we have a home in heaven.

The Season of Advent starts with Coming Suddenly, which explains the return of Jesus to earth will be sudden and unexpected. We should be ready and expecting His return anytime. Finally, in Shake and Bake the prophet Haggai says God will shake heaven and earth when the Lord Jesus returns to earth. He will destroy the earth by fire and create a new heaven and earth.

Back to School Children’s Sermons

In America the Labor Day holiday marks the end of summer and typically all students have returned to school for the new school year calendar. The Labor Day children’s sermon explains why it is important to take a day of rest and explains what the holiday means. Here are the back to school children’s sermons for autumn 2014:

The Passover story of the Hebrew people being freed by the Egyptian pharaoh is explained and how that memorial was transformed at the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples. After their release, the Egyptian pharaoh changed his mind and pursued the Israelites into the desert and his army was drowned as they made their Red Sea Escape. This sermon can be done as a skit using balloons and can be great fun for the children. Next, Jesus tells the parable of the laborers in The Last Shall Be First. Salvation is available to all and our response should be one of humility not resentment to those who choose to follow God late in life. That thought is continued with Make Allowance for Others in the many examples we have that teach us to show compassion instead of judging others.

As the Israelites began their journey in the wilderness God gave Moses the Ten Commandments to teach to them. Next, in the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John, the story of the marriage supper of the Lamb is explained. It will be a wonderful Wedding in Heaven that many will be called to attend. As church school years begin anew, the sermon Sunday School explains the importance of Sunday School teachers and regular attendance to learn the truth of God’s Word. As October ends, the sermon No Ghost is a testimony to the risen Christ as he appeared before his disciples after his resurrection.

End of Summer Sermons

This is a summary of the children’s sermons for the coming weeks at the end of summer.

As we near the end of summer the children’s sermons are about wisdom, faith, perseverance, and providence.

Jesus teaches with parables on the kingdom. He tells that people must act on the truth they understand in Seeds that Grow. He prophesies that evil will be removed from the world upon his return in Wheat and Weeds. Solomon makes a humble request to know right from wrong in Solomon’s Wisdom.  Jesus demonstrates that he can multiply our resources when we offer to him in faith in Feeding the 5000.  Peter shows we can do impossible things by faith if we keep our eyes on Jesus in Peter Walks on Water. Joseph perseveres through many years of hardships and learns to trust God no matter what his circumstances were in Joseph & the Colorful Coat.  God seeks to find the lost and makes his will known through Moses: Lost and Found.  Moses is called to serve God at the Burning Bush.

Easter 2014

Easter. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. He is clothed with immortality — he was able to teleport at will into rooms (the disciples were hiding behind locked doors) and vanish in front of you (as he did on the road to Emmaus). As a believer you will be receiving a new body too at the resurrection of the just. Remember that when you first believed that was the moment your eternal (born again in spirit) life began and continues non-stop. Stop acting as if you are waiting for something, when it has already happened. Proceed fearlessly by faith and do whatever God is calling you to do in this lifetime, in this realm, in this moment. Our directive is simple: Love one another. Love unconditionally, forgive yourself and others completely, and take personal responsibility to become the change you want to see in the world.

Easter Week

This is the week leading up to the resurrection — from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem to Easter.

Take time to spend with your children to explain all that happened during this week with a children’s sermon for each day.

On Palm Sunday share the story of how Jesus entered Jerusalem with Pokey, the Little Burro. Then on Monday tell about Mary Magdalene coming to the home of Lazarus and anointing Jesus’ feet with the jar of spikenard and became one of the Spice Girls. On Tuesday share how the outsiders, the Greeks, were interested in meeting Jesus at the feast of Passover in Sir, We Would See Jesus. On Wednesday tell the story of how Jesus changed and explained the meaning of Passover and became known as the Last Supper commemorating his death and resurrection with the Last Supper. On Thursday speak about the journey across the Kidron Valley to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. On Friday tell the story of that old rugged cross and the events that happened at the crucifixion with The Cross. On Saturday explain that Jesus rose during the night and wasn’t seen until Sunday morning (the first day of the week begins at sundown on Saturday and continues until sundown on Sunday) in the story of the resurrection with He is Risen! Finally, on the afternoon of that first Easter explain how Jesus was seen on the Road to Emmaus by two of his followers and then many times afterwards for 40 days until his ascension.

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Happy 16th Anniversary

Happy anniversaryThis month is celebrating it’s Sweet 16th anniversary. Thank you for viewing the site and using it to reach children around the world with the good news of our Lord Jesus. The site began in February 1998 and has reached 242 countries and territories — in other words, unto “the uttermost part of the earth.”  This could have never been accomplished without your support in prayers and your willingness to share it with others.


So I want to pause and say a heartfelt THANK YOU for being part of that story.

For this year my anniversary wish is that you will continue to grow in grace and share your love with everyone you meet. And may the Lord Jesus richly bless you as you minister to the children.

With love, Jim (author)

All you need is Love

The Beatles "All You Need Is Love"
The Beatles “All You Need Is Love”

Fifty years ago today The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and continued a British influence on the American musical scene. The song “All You Need Is Love” was one of many songs that the four lads from Liverpool contributed on subsequent albums as they made their way into music history. It was written after they were asked to write a song with a message that could be understood by everyone. Some of the lyrics are below:

Nothing you can know that isn’t known
Nothing you can see that isn’t shown
Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be
It’s easy

All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

This week many couples will give gifts for Valentine’s Day and express their love to one another. Imagine if everyone in the world decided every day, in every moment, to express love to one another — what would happen if we focused on love and saw ways to respect the divine spark in each other, that we are all created in the image of God? In the children’s sermon Love Letter, we hear how Paul sought to mend fences among quarreling Christians by giving a description of what love is. A love that doesn’t hold grudges. A love that is unconditional. Imagine that. Believe it can be. Envision a world where Love is in the heart of all people. Now take responsibility to do your part — it starts with each of us.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Love. Love who? Everyone.

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