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He Touched Me - ChildrenSermons

He Touched Me

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Text: Mark 1:40-45; Leviticus 14:2-4; Psalm 103:3

Summary: Jesus heals a leper. Jesus has the power to heal all our diseases.

Prop: a picture of a doctor or a physician’s stethoscope

Shortly after the birth of our daughter my wife needed to have her gall bladder removed. Our pastor visited us in the hospital and we prayed for her. The doctor came into the waiting room after the operation and told us some of the little hardened gallstones had passed into the next organ, the bile duct, and would need to be removed the next day. I remembered Psalm 103:3 and that it is the Lord who healeth all thy diseases. Again, I asked to pray with our pastor and we prayed for her complete healing. I knew Jesus could heal anything! I only needed to pray with faith.

The next day the doctor came into the waiting room after a few hours in the operating room. His face was pale and he looked puzzled. He explained that he had many x-rays (pictures of what is inside your body) showing the gallstones from yesterday in the bile duct. He was unable to perform the operation because now the x-rays showed that the gallstones were completely gone! Jesus had done the operation! I told the doctor I still believed in miracles. Jesus is the Great Physician who healed my wife!

Looking back on that miracle I believe God did it not only to strengthen my faith, but also to give a witness to the doctor. Today I want to tell you about a person who had a terrible disease called leprosy that Jesus healed.

(Read Mark 1:40-45)

Acts 10:38Leprosy is a disease that causes round red sores on a person’s skin and can cause blindness and rotting of the nose bone. It makes a person look terrifying. It is not very contagious, but it could spread after close contact over a very long time. God blessed his people with advanced medical care many thousands of years ago. God told Moses how to care for lepers. He made them live apart from the city in a separate area. This is called a quarantined area.

The leper had faith that Jesus could heal him and he begged Jesus to do so. Jesus was filled with great care and concern. We are not told specifically, but I’m guessing that Jesus went out of his way to the leper colony to visit the sick. Christians today are going to those with AIDS and other diseases to care for them just as Jesus did here. Then Jesus did something no one else was willing to do. He touched the leper with his hand. Other people would not even get close to, much less actually touch, a leper. They were afraid of catching the leprosy.

Can you imagine how wonderful it must have been for the poor leper to feel the touch of another person? Jesus said, I will, be thou clean. Instantly the leprosy left the man. He was completely healed by the spoken words of Jesus! Jesus didn’t have to touch him, but he did anyway because he knew how much it would mean to the leper. Then Jesus commanded the leper to show himself to a priest to keep the law of a leper’s cleansing. Jesus came to fulfill the law, not to do away with it. This not only strengthened the faith of the leper, but also was a witness to the priests. The priests were doctors of the law. This would be a testimony unto them. The man was so excited about being healed that he quickly spread the news to everyone in the surrounding area. He was happy to tell others how much Jesus had done for him!

Whenever we get sick or have a disease, let’s remember that Jesus can heal anything. Pray for healing. Remember to thank Jesus for healing you. Just as the leper was excited about his healing, we should be excited to tell others the great things God has done for us.

©1999 by Jim Kerlin. All rights reserved.

This article was written by Jim