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Raising of Jairus’ Daughter

Text: Mark 5:35-43

Prop: a prayer shawl or a poster of a Jewish rabbi wearing a prayer shawl

Summary: Jesus has the power to raise us from the dead. The story of Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter.

Look what I brought with me today. This is a prayer shawl similar to the one Jesus wore. All Jewish men have a prayer shawl. It is called a tallith (pronounced tal-LEETH). It was used to show their dedication to God and his Word. Great importance is placed on a person’s prayer life. The shawl was worn during the morning prayers. The tassels on the four corners were woven and knotted in a way that it reminded the man to obey all 613 of God’s commands in the Torah (first five books in the Bible) and that the greatest command was “Jehovah is one.” (Deut. 6:4)

One day Jesus was walking along and a great many people were following him. Because he had healed so many people, great crowds would press close to him in hopes of touching him and being healed of their sicknesses and diseases. One woman that had been bleeding a long time touched him on the tassel of his tallith and was healed because of her faith. Then the ruler of a synagogue (a place of worship) came to Jesus in hopes that he would heal his dying daughter. About the same time he approached Jesus, some people from his house came to tell him the bad news. His daughter had already died, and there was no reason to bother Jesus about it.

The Bible says that as soon as Jesus heard this he told Jairus, Be not afraid, only believe. Jesus took Peter, James, and John with him to Jairus’ house. The people were wailing and crying because the little twelve-year-old girl was dead. Jesus asked them why they were weeping because he said the girl was not dead, but only sleeping. The people all laughed at Jesus because they knew she was dead. So Jesus took the parents into the room with Peter, James, and John. It was a custom to lay hands on the sick to heal them. The person laying hands on the sick would place the prayer shawl on the person that was to be healed. Jesus probably followed this custom. He took the little girl by the hand and said, Talitha cumi. He told her to arise from under the tallith, or prayer shawl.

Do you know what happened next? The little girl arose from the dead! Jesus had called her back to life! Because Jesus is God, he can do anything. As you might imagine, Jairus’ family was astonished at what happened. Jesus told them to not tell anyone what happened and to give her something to eat. Jesus gives us hope of eternal life, because He has risen from the dead to be alive forever. One day He will raise those that believe in Him to live forever with him. We have a great hope and a great God.

©1997 by Jim Kerlin. All rights reserved.