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No Ghost

Text: Luke 24:36-48; 1 Thessalonians 5:22

Props: a honeycomb (if available) and bubble gum

Summary: Jesus appeared to his disciples after rising from the dead.

The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. For this reason some parents don’t want their children to go “trick or treating” on Halloween. On Halloween night you might see someone dressed in a white sheet pretending to be a ghost. Have you ever thought you saw a ghost? Today I want to tell you about a time when the disciples thought they were seeing a spirit.

The disciples were gathered together behind closed doors. They were hiding because they were afraid the same people who had put Jesus to death might come looking for them next. (John 20:19) Jesus had appeared that morning to Mary Magdalene and they did not believe her. They had just been told that Jesus appeared to the two men on the road to Emmaus. Suddenly Jesus appeared from nowhere in the room with them. They were terrified and thought they were seeing a ghost!

(Read Luke 24:37-40) What would you do if you thought you were seeing a ghost? (scream, cry, be upset) Let me hear you scream like you are really scared. (Put your hands over your ears!) Jesus asked them why they were afraid. He showed them his hands and feet. He did this because they could see the nail prints that proved he had been crucified. He let them touch him so they could be certain he was not a ghost.

Jesus tried to get the disciples to settle down. (Read Luke 24:41-43) To prove he was not a ghost Jesus ate a piece of broiled fish and a honeycomb. (show the honeycomb if you have one) We know that a ghost could not eat real food. It would just fall to the floor. Now a honeycomb is chewy, wax-like, and very sweet. This piece of bubble gum is chewy and sweet too! Would one of you like to prove you are not a ghost? (select a volunteer to chew the piece of gum, standing in front of the others) See! We know this is no ghost!

Jesus appeared to his disciples so they would know without a doubt that he really had risen from the dead. He comforted them by explaining again that many parts of the Bible said he would suffer death and be raised. Jesus opened their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures. Jesus is the best person to explain the Bible to us. He sends the Holy Spirit to every believer to guide and comfort us (John 16:13).

I’m going to give you a piece of bubble gum to eat later. I want you to remember this story of how Jesus showed his disciples that he really was raised from the dead.

©2000 by Jim Kerlin. All rights reserved.