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The concept of time is a curious subject. In Ecclesiastes 3:3 there is “a time to break down, and a time to build up.” Most of the contrasts made in v 2-8 verses are a ying-yang completion of the other. They appear to be opposites, but are, in fact, two pieces of a whole. What we are witnessing today is a time when the current civilization is breaking down to make space for a new paradigm of earth to build up. The new paradigm is one where humans live in cooperation and peace with each other for a common good. The rugged individualism is being supplanted by community. We are finally realizing we are different parts of a whole and that we need each other, and are all in this together. Jesus says “Love your enemies.” He helps us understand to love our neighbor means embracing those who do not look or act or think as we do –the part of us we still don’t understand. Radical stuff to be sure. Yet the Spirit within us radiates an unconditional love that we know is true. Now the question is, will we walk in step with it or not?