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Without a Doubt

To whom also he shewed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God. – Acts 1:3

Text: John 20:24-31

Prop: Kool-Aid ® Changin’ Cherry Magic Twists™ (green drink mix turns blue but tastes like red cherry).

Summary: The disciple Thomas doubted that Jesus had risen. The Lord Jesus proved to him that he was alive again.

Preparation: Remove drink mix from pouch and place in a clear unmarked plastic bag. Prepare a large pitcher of pre-sweetened water in advance. Provide paper cups for the children to enjoy the refreshment after the children’s sermon.

I need someone to help me today. Who is willing to help? [Select a volunteer.) I like Kool-Aid ® when I get thirsty. Do you have a favorite flavor? (Listen to answers.) I like red cherry myself. Here it is. (Show the green drink mix in the bag.) Uh, oh. Maybe I made a mistake. This may be lime or watermelon flavor because it is colored green. I will pour it in the pitcher of water anyway. (Pour in mix, stir it, and watch it turn blue.) What? I thought it would turn green. Could this be blueberry flavored? I thought it was supposed to look red for cherry flavored. Let me get my helper to taste it and tell me what flavor it is. (Pour a small amount in cups for child and yourself.) Hmm. It tastes like cherry to me! (Ask child for agreement.) Is it cherry flavored? (Yes.) Thank you for helping me. In a moment we will all have some for a refreshment. [Set pitcher aside or give to another adult.)

What if I had told you beforehand that the Kool-Aid ® was a green mix that would turn blue but taste like cherry. Would you have believed me? (Listen to responses.) It does sound a bit far-fetched or hard to believe. I think some of us would have to see it to believe it. Our Bible story today is about the disciples on Easter day. They were told something even more incredible that seemed hard to believe: that Jesus had risen from the dead!

Jesus had been killed by nailing him to a cross and then he was buried. After three days on Sunday morning the disciples heard from Mary Magdalene (and others) that Jesus was alive again. It seemed hard to believe but it was true. As the disciples were hiding in a room behind closed doors, suddenly the Lord Jesus appeared before them! They were glad to see Jesus, but one disciple named Thomas was not with them at the time.

(Read John 20:24-31.)

Thomas did not believe the story that Jesus had risen until he saw Jesus again in person. Thomas had a doubt, or a moment of unbelief. He has been called “doubting Thomas” because he wanted proof before he would believe that Jesus was alive again. Jesus wants us to believe in him without a doubt. He always looks for our faith. While the world tells us that seeing is believing, the Bible teaches us to believe it and we will see it. Let us live in a manner that others may see our faith in the Lord Jesus.

©2003 by Jim Kerlin. All rights reserved.