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Make Allowance for Others

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. – Psalm 19:14

Text: Numbers 11:28-29; Mark 9:38-40; Psalm 19:14

Prop: your hand

Summary: Do not find fault with others. Make allowance for them.

Today I want to speak with you about how we treat others. Have you ever seen someone point their finger at another person and find fault with them? Well, it’s been said that when we point the finger of blame there are three fingers pointing back at us. (Demonstrate by pointing your finger and letting them see three fingers aimed at you.)

The thing that bothers me most about others is the part of me I do not understand yet.

I have learned to make allowance for others. I give unconditional love and acceptance for them and let it go. We are all at different places in our journey of faith. Find forgiveness for yourself and what bothers you about them. It is what they know at this point in their spiritual growth.

When we see other Christians doing what the Lord has led them to do, rather than criticize (or blame) them for not going about it the way we would, or saying the words we would say, why not instead be glad something good is being done?

That is how Moses felt when Joshua was jealous that God had given his spirit to two men that were not selected among the 70 elders in the tribe of Israel. Moses told Joshua (who would later become the leader) that he wished everyone had the spirit of God and would speak God’s message to the people. (Numbers 11:28-29)

Jesus responded to his disciple John in a similar manner when he learned that a man was healing people that were sick in their soul (casting out demons), using the authority of Jesus’ name. Jesus made allowance for it and told John not to stop him. He said whoever is not against us is for us. (Mark 9:38-40)

The next time we look at someone else and something about them bothers us, let’s ask, “Did I used to be like that?” Maybe, just maybe, God is pointing our fingers back at us and gently saying, “I love you. I forgive you. Grow up.”

Let us pray. Dear Lord Jesus, help me to be kind and make allowance for others. Amen.

©2012 by Jim Kerlin. All rights reserved.