Happy New Year 2013

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I want to wish every person who reads this a happy new year! Let 2013 be a year that you pray for peace, goodwill toward mankind and our planet. I invite you to take time out to enjoy a video (about a half hour) that explains some of the issues we face as humanity, and how we can join together to solve them. If the word “whole brain” is new to you — then do this brief exercise BEFORE you watch it to get into “whole brain posture” and experience a difference in your perception. This is called “cross crawls” and it’s simple. Stand with room to walk in place. As you walk in place, cross your right hand over the mid-point of your body (meridian) and lightly slap your left knee. Then on the next step in place do the opposite: cross your left hand over the mid-point and lightly slap your right knee. Got it? Now add one more piece. Count out 10 complete cross overs (left to right, right to left) and on the first set of 10, with chin level with the floor, nose pointing straight ahead, focus your eyes in the upper left of your vision (don’t turn your head), and then on the second set of 10 cross overs, look to the upper right of your vision (again, don’t turn your head). This simple exercise causes your left and right hemispheres of the brain to “integrate” your thoughts in a more coherent, complete state. Now here’s the link to the video and enjoy!

This article was written by Jim