In God’s Hand

Text: John 10:27-30

grandfather's lapProp: picture of child in grandfather’s lap

Summary: You are safe in God’s hand. Jesus will never let you go. Jesus is one with God the Father.

Today I want to talk with you about feeling safe and protected. Can you think of some times when you feel safe? You probably feel safe when your mother or father takes you by the hand when you are about to cross a street. You probably feel safe when your father holds on to you when you learn to swim for the first time. You probably feel safe and protected when you sit in your grandfather’s lap as he reads a story to you. (Show picture.) You probably feel safe and protected when you lie next to your mother and take a nap. We naturally feel safe and protected whenever we are near to those who love us the most.

Today I want to talk about trusting Jesus to hold you. Did you know that Jesus loves you very much? Let’s read about it.

(Read John 10:27-30.) Jesus spoke of his followers as being his sheep. Now that Jesus is back in heaven we do not see him like we see our parents or our family members. Jesus loves you so much he wants you to live forever with him. He wants you to trust him like you trust your father and mother. You are in good hands with your parents because they love you very much. But someone loves you even more than that… Jesus! You are in God’s hand when you trust Jesus as your Savior. God’s hands are steady and sure, safe and sound. Jesus will always hold on to you and will never let anyone or anything separate you from his love. He is always watching over you.

Let us pray. Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me and keeping me safe. Amen.

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