Sermons for the Season of Epiphany

Happy New Year 2015. As we enter the season of Epiphany, we learn how God created everything In the Beginning. Then we hear how young Samuel learned to listen to God in Here I Am. Next, on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday the story of the Good Samaritan teaches us to treat all people as our neighbors in Samaritan Neighbor. All the children will love the story of Jonah and how God loves people of all lands in Jonah and the Great Fish.

In February we start with Take Out the Trash and learn how Jesus removed unclean spirits from people. It is also a great time to talk about the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. No, not the football game. The story of Elisha and the widow shows how God provides for our needs abundantly. Next, the apostle Paul becomes A Slave to All so that he might win some people to Christ. Then near Valentine’s Day we can share the Love Letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthians to teach them what real love is all about. Then on Transfiguration Sunday we can read how Jesus revealed his glory to the three of his disciples in Power Ranger. As we transition into the season of Lent, we begin on Ash Wednesday with Treasure in Heaven. It explains the difference between treasures that will last and treasures that are temporary.