Easter Week

This is the week leading up to the resurrection — from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem to Easter.

Take time to spend with your children to explain all that happened during this week with a children’s sermon for each day.

On Palm Sunday share the story of how Jesus entered Jerusalem with Pokey, the Little Burro. Then on Monday tell about Mary Magdalene coming to the home of Lazarus and anointing Jesus’ feet with the jar of spikenard and became one of the Spice Girls. On Tuesday share how the outsiders, the Greeks, were interested in meeting Jesus at the feast of Passover in Sir, We Would See Jesus. On Wednesday tell the story of how Jesus changed and explained the meaning of Passover and became known as the Last Supper commemorating his death and resurrection with the Last Supper. On Thursday speak about the journey across the Kidron Valley to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. On Friday tell the story of that old rugged cross and the events that happened at the crucifixion with The Cross. On Saturday explain that Jesus rose during the night and wasn’t seen until Sunday morning (the first day of the week begins at sundown on Saturday and continues until sundown on Sunday) in the story of the resurrection with He is Risen! Finally, on the afternoon of that first Easter explain how Jesus was seen on the Road to Emmaus by two of his followers and then many times afterwards for 40 days until his ascension.

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