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Portuguese Translations Completed

It has been a blessing to have all the children’s sermons translated into Portuguese as we enter 2015. Thank you, Naira, for all your hard work on this project! Another milestone that is approaching in mid-February is the 18th anniversary of this website. It is a great privilege to serve you, and to provide the children’s sermons free of charge so you can minister to the children. May the Lord continue to richly bless you in your ministry.


Jim Kerlin, author

Sermons for the Season of Epiphany

Happy New Year 2015. As we enter the season of Epiphany, we learn how God created everything In the Beginning. Then we hear how young Samuel learned to listen to God in Here I Am. Next, on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday the story of the Good Samaritan teaches us to treat all people as our neighbors in Samaritan Neighbor. All the children will love the story of Jonah and how God loves people of all lands in Jonah and the Great Fish.

In February we start with Take Out the Trash and learn how Jesus removed unclean spirits from people. It is also a great time to talk about the Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. No, not the football game. The story of Elisha and the widow shows how God provides for our needs abundantly. Next, the apostle Paul becomes A Slave to All so that he might win some people to Christ. Then near Valentine’s Day we can share the Love Letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthians to teach them what real love is all about. Then on Transfiguration Sunday we can read how Jesus revealed his glory to the three of his disciples in Power Ranger. As we transition into the season of Lent, we begin on Ash Wednesday with Treasure in Heaven. It explains the difference between treasures that will last and treasures that are temporary.

Support Translations into Portuguese

Thank you to all of the guests and visitors to this site. If you feel led to support — choose one of these three ways to support translations into Portuguese:

  1. Pray that the children of the world would be reached through your use of the children’s sermons.

  2. Click and follow ads that interest you. Google AdSense usually serves ads that may be of interest to you.

  3. NEW! Click on the link to the Café and make a purchase of the healthy Organo Gold coffee or beverages.

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Happy 16th Anniversary

Happy anniversaryThis month is celebrating it’s Sweet 16th anniversary. Thank you for viewing the site and using it to reach children around the world with the good news of our Lord Jesus. The site began in February 1998 and has reached 242 countries and territories — in other words, unto “the uttermost part of the earth.”  This could have never been accomplished without your support in prayers and your willingness to share it with others.


So I want to pause and say a heartfelt THANK YOU for being part of that story.

For this year my anniversary wish is that you will continue to grow in grace and share your love with everyone you meet. And may the Lord Jesus richly bless you as you minister to the children.

With love, Jim (author)

For Others They Sing

I recall several years ago coming out of a Sunday church service on a beautiful day. On my way to the car, I noticed that one car had been hit by a bird “storm” — oh, the tree shade no doubt kept the car from hitting 140 degrees inside, but the birds must have seen a “Bird Port-a-John” sign in this one, because the car beneath looked like a snow blizzard had covered it, if you know what I mean. The charming owner, Ed, always seemed to keep a sunny disposition. As he approached the car, he saw what I had seen, looked up, and when he saw me, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “For others they sing!” We both laughed and he was on his way, with the windshield wipers smearing the “snow” to a clearer view.

Some days you just have to carry your own sunshine around with you. Sooner or later, if you drive a vehicle long enough, it will be your turn to deal with a flat tire on the side of a road, probably in bad weather. You’ll miss that ridge in the sidewalk and break your heel, or worse, twist an ankle. How will you respond when these sudden turn of events take place? Will you feel hurt or victimized, and let everyone you see know about it? Or will you take in stride, keep the negative news, and go on about your business? It’s up to you.

If you’re still reading, I hope you will take the time to get familiar with the new look of this site, and use the categories or Search feature to find what you came here looking for. Enjoy your day — it’s another blessing that you can count as you look up and thank the birds for singing.

English portion of site is updated

The lists and guides pages have tables that should be easier to use now. Since the new WordPress version of this site launched on August 30, all the English portions of the site have been updated with links and images. That still needs to be done on the Spanish and Portuguese lists, but that will come along soon.

If you have links to this site, please take time to update them with the new URLs.

The New Site Makeover is Here

Well, just in time for Labor Day, the new site makeover is here. Please bear with us as we load the links and images. Until then, use the SEARCH and CATEGORIES in the sidebar to find what you want. We will also work with tech support to get all the WordPress widgets to work in all browsers. For now, it seems to work best in Internet Explorer.

ChildrenSermons mobile logo

Website Makeover Underway

It’s official. The fifth website makeover of is underway. The site will be made using WordPress to get it viewable in many browsers and mobile phones and tablets. You may have noticed that the advertising is all Google AdSense now. That will be more targeted as well.

In time I hope to ad video with a YouTube channel, but that’s still a long way out. The translations into Português will continue until they are all completed. The mailing list will get a double opt-in interface to keep out spammers. The use of Facebook and Twitter will continue, and maybe a few other social media outlets will get added. The idea will be to make it easier for users to contribute ideas and share what is working for them. As the launch date approaches, more details will be shared, so stay tuned.

Happy 15th Anniversary

This site is celebrating  its 15th anniversary this month. Thank you for visiting. As I look back and reflect, a lot has happened in that space of time. I faced the trial of cancer and lived to tell about it on this site (Healed by Jesus). I was blessed to have translations in Spanish, and now in Portuguese. The readership grew to over 800,000 a year. The list of sermons grew beyond 150 sermons. Thank you for sharing these with the children you reach. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. If we are to make a difference, and I believe we have, then it will be because we understand how to live in service to others. Jesus says, “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” (Luke 6:37-39) Let’s keep on giving.